We know how to find you the right person, the first time.

A New Type of Agency

Sick of generic staffing agencies who don’t know their way around the terms and skill sets of your industry? At Nationwide we understand technical industries. In fact, it’s been our specialty for a quarter of a century.

We customize our approach to match your company’s needs. We aren’t one size fits all and neither are our candidates. We will partner with you and understand how your business works, so we can bring you the very best talent.

Our retention rates speak for themselves: at 92% retention, our placements make sense.

Forward Thinking

When you partner with Nationwide, your cost per hire (CPH) goes down while your chance of a successful placement goes up. Employees and managers are busier than ever, and time spent on candidate search and review is a hit to productivity. Every week that position sits open comes at a cost to your bottom line. Technical fields have some of the highest reported CPH across industries, which means outsourcing to a proven specialist like Nationwide is a cost-reducing and time-saving solution.

Problem Solvers

With highly specialized work comes a highly demanding screening process: Nationwide does the hard work upfront to completely vet and target your potential employees. Hiring is always a risky business, but when you take advantage of our guaranteed placements you can rest assured that you will make the right choice, the first time. And with our guarantee, you minimize your financial risk.


We are constantly networking to find candidates with experience and the most in-demand skill sets which means you benefit from our deep pool of over 100,000 candidates. This combined with a reliable, personal touch is why most of our clients have been working with us for many years.